Counter terrorism is the practice, military tactics, and strategies that government, military, law enforcement, and intelligence agencies use to combat or prevent terrorism. And to tell the tales of such bravery and pay tribute to our brave soldiers, many writers have come forward and created masterpieces. These books about counter terrorism deal with a whole new level of uncertainty as the battles are fought with drones and soldiers are recruited on YouTube.

To learn more about the war on terror, read these ten amazing books on the war in Afghanistan and Iraq:

  1. The Nighthawk Quadrilogy by C. Edgar North

The Nighthawk quadrilogy by C. Edgar North is a collection of outstanding crime genre books. Critics and fans have hailed it as one of the best books on counter terrorism out there. The series includes the following four books:

Nighthawk Crossing: The first book explores a dangerous and successful web of drugs and weapons smuggling led by a Chieftain named Joseph Branson. The situation goes awry unearthing a plot to supply a secret wweapon to Taliban terrorists when two FBI agents are shot dead by Branson’s men.

Nighthawk: African Ice: The second book follows Joseph escaping with his wife to the Maldives and ganging up with Igor Romanoff, the world’s biggest arms dealer. Together they begin trading weapons for raw diamonds from the war-torn zones of Africa. What they don’t know is that their every step is being watched by the CIA.

Nighthawk: Chief Hazel: The third book has Joseph Branson’s wife, Hazel Branson, taking over the family smuggling business. However, she is forced into smuggling criminals into America when North Koreans abduct her daughter. Amidst the harsh circumstances, Joseph returns and teams up with the CIA and FBI to end the North Korean plot.

Nighthawk: The Deacon: The final book in the series is about Brian West, a genius socio-psychopath who served as an agent in the CIA and Canadian Intelligence. When he passes away, his former associates get together to honor his experiences, ranging from his childhood to his astonishing intelligence work.

  1. Every War Must End by Fred Charles Ikle

‘Every War Must End’ is a book on counter terrorism that explores the painful process through which wars in the modern age have been brought to an end and what this process means for the future. It’s an aspect of military strategy constantly overlooked, but Charles Ikle gets to its depth and provides interesting insights.

  1. A Savage War of Peace by Alistair Horne

‘A Savage War of Peace’ is the history of the Algerian War. A book that brings that dreadful and complex struggle to life with intellect, assurance, and unflagging momentum. It is a necessary reading experience and a lasting monument to the historian’s art. It is one of the best counter terrorism books to learn more about the war of Algeria.

  1. Negotiating with Evil by Mitchell B. Reiss

For years, it was a matter of contention that America didn’t negotiate with terrorists. While this policy continues to rule our connections with terror groups, the question remains: should we talk to terrorists? In ‘Negotiating with Evil’, his latest book on counter terrorism, diplomacy and negotiation expert Mitchell B. Reiss discusses when and if diplomacy can be used in a post 9/11 world.

  1. Shade It Black by Jessica Goodell & John Hearn

Many Americans are not affected by the wars in the Middle East. In ‘Shed It Black’, Jessica Goodell and John Hearn shed light on the human side of the war in Iraq. This counter terrorism book is about their work in Mortuary Affairs, a group tasked with saving and transporting the remains of fallen servicemen.

  1. The Demon Lover by Robin Morgan

‘The Demon Lover’ is a groundbreaking work of investigative journalism. Morgan uncovers the roots of the phenomenon through her globe-spanning examination of terrorism. With wide-ranging exploration across historical eras and a three-hundred-sixty-degree approach, she observes how violence has conflated with masculinity to the lethal detriment of both women and men.

  1. Crossing the Wire by Annamaria Cardinalli

More than any other war in American history, the War on Terror has included women in service and secondary roles. Annamaria Cardinalli, a soldier, served in Afghanistan as part of the Human Terrain System, living with the Pashtun locals. ‘Crossing the Wire’ is Cardinelli’s shocking report on sexuality in war-torn Afghanistan. This book on counter terrorism effectively shows a human aspect of the war and their struggle in those times.

  1. The Looming Tower by Lawrence Wright

In this book about counter terrorism, Wright describes in exceptional detail the growth of Islamic fundamentalism, the rise of Al-Qaeda, and the intelligence failures that concluded in the attacks on the World Trade Center.

  1. And Then All Hell Broke Loose by Richard Engel

‘Then All Hell Broke Loose’ is based on two decades of Engel’s reporting. He was NBC’s chief foreign correspondent who has shared a riveting story of the Middle East revolutions, the Arab Spring war, and terrorism observed up-close by him.

  1. The Forever War by Dexter Filkins

In ‘The Forever War’, Filkins expresses his fascination with more than just the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. He wants to know how did we get there. When, if ever, will these areas be safe again? Filkins studies the beginnings of the wars in the Middle East through the people’s point of view and tries to understand the battle of conscience they fight within themselves in those tough times.

These books will help you answer the three critical questions related to counter terrorism. First, what do counter terrorism tactics seek to achieve? Second, what are the consequences of different counter terrorism campaigns? And third, how and why do changes to counter terrorism occur?


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