Blood, Fire and Ice takes the reader into the realm of corporate terrorism. The Global Association of Petroleum Producers resorts to murder, sabotage and political bribery to prevent the development of an abundant new fuel source that threatens their existence.

Members of an international Arctic research team developing the new fuel source are targeted. Labs are destroyed and members killed. At the request of three Senators who are on the payroll of “big oil”, Canadian team members have their funding cancelled and the police ignore their pleas for help when some are murdered. They are rescued in a joint CIA-FBI operation seeking to protect the new technology.

Surviving team members are whisked to safety and recruited to complete their project jointly funded by Japan, Russia, and an America.  n scientific foundation. Sabotage continues with a seaborne attack on an offshore drilling platform off Japan and blocking attempts countering patent filings. The Japanese government considers itself at war with the oil interests.

A blackmailing Canadian Senator is killed by “Big Oil” and his legacy of secrets are a ticking bomb waiting for discovery threatening both the Canadian government and the oil association. All hell l breaks loose when the secrets surface.

Inspiration for BLOOD, FIRE AND ICE by C. Edgar North

It is often amazing what one may learn sitting around a campfire with fellow RVers. While wintering in California, one acquaintance was a retired submariner, another an arctic researcher and another retired from hydrographic survey which saw him involved with charting arctic waters. Some of their work-related stories, such as grounding ships and subs on underwater pingos and researching global warming effects, were fascinating which got me researching for and producing BLOOD, FIRE AND ICE.

I trust the science explaining methane hydrate in the book is reasonably accurate (I have been told so). The ability to harness the gas trapped in permafrost is real.  National Geographic had a large feature about it. There is also record of Japanese scientists drilling offshore to extract it.

In a past political administration, Canadian scientists were stymied by government policies imposed to restrict, conceal and destroy research. Easy to concoct a story about Big Oil buying political favor to thwart production.

As I once worked in Japan, I seized the opportunity to place some of the action there. Having once been a seaman, why not develop some action attacking a deep sea platform?