When a retired spy passes away, his former handlers gather on a yacht in the Florida keys for a private celebration of his colorful life.

THE DEACON, also known as Brian West, was a genius socio-psychopath who spent the Cold War working for both Canadian Intelligence and the CIA, while his fluency in Romance languages led him to work in Europe, the former Soviet Union and Central and South America. In NIGHTHAWK: THE DEACON, those closest to him recollect his experiences – from childhood to coming of age, espionage jobs and private enrichment.


The Deacon character was developed in NIGHTHAWK CROSSING as a religious cult leader and intelligence agent and woven into the two sequels. Developing his background as a retired spy opens the opportunity to develop some stories based in past decades.

When I was working in the Philippines, I became interested in stories of President and Emelda Marcos accumulating gold – much of it spoils of war left from the Japanese occupation during WWII. There are many stories that Emelda and her children currently have tons of it. Why not involve the Deacon helping a prospector hired by Marcos just before his Presidential downfall?

I worked in Kyrgyzstan just after the collapse of the Soviet Union, enjoyed the majestic scenery and met some interesting people.

I once hired a Russian economist who had some interesting stories to tell. Lots of fodder for fictional adventures.

America’s history of patronage to successive South and Central American governments holds a myriad of opportunities for fictional adventures. The story of the Peruvian Gold Bonds is a great example. In fact, recently there have been some for sale on the internet.

Brian’s early years reflect a collage of characters and fabricated stories of their exploits. However, an underground railway to Canada for Viet Nam draft dodgers did exist at one time.