With her husband, Joseph Branson, in exile wanted by the FBI on suspicion of murder and smuggling, Hazel returns to the Midlake First Nations Reservation where she takes over as Chief. She has great ambitions for advancing the welfare of the members of the reservation and encounters some degree of success. She also resumes smuggling which was formerly run by Joseph but she encounters some difficulties.

Meanwhile, Joseph is profitably engaged supplying arms and munitions to Jihadists who wish to establish a caliphate in Eastern and Central Africa and with Naxilite Maosts planning an uprising in Eastern India. He is carefully watched by the CIA who use him as a valuable intelligence source.

Joseph is pulled back to the reservation when their daughter is kidnapped by North Koreans who demand Hazel smuggle a team of saboteurs into America. Hazel kills again.

Inspiration for NIGHTHAWK: CHIEF HAZEL by C. Edgar North

NIGHTHAWK: CHIEF HAZEL is a sequel to NIGHTHAWK: AFRICAN ICE answering some of the cliff hangers.

On a business trip I visited Nigeria and learned a little about their Boko Haram Jihadist problems. News of Boko Haram kidnapping school girls in Nigeria’s Eastern province inspired some of the action in the book.

North Korea was in the news when I was developing the book. Why not get Hazel involved smuggling North Korean saboteurs into America?

When visiting folk along the border in the Similkameen I was told a story about secret caves and bandits hiding out in the region during the gold rush era. This led to a story in the book.

Deep in my past I worked closely with many First Nations helping to develop successful business ventures. I met and worked with a great number of wonderful people on the reservations and admired the drive and futurism so many held. To me, life on a reservation is akin to the “culture” of any small town – with leaders, worker bees, and dregs (inners and outers or poor, middle and upper classes). Why not reflect dynamic leadership in Hazel? Joseph too! But why not add a few character flaws?

I have also worked a lot in India and learned about their terrorist Maoists called Naxalites. Why not have Joseph involved in supplying them with arms? Having also worked in Sri Lanka during their civil war, why not add in a Tamil veteran consulting to the Naxalites?