“Human trafficking is the exploitation of vulnerability for commercial gain. For this reason, human trafficking can happen anywhere because there are vulnerable people everywhere.”

-Raleigh Sadler

Human trafficking is a heinous crime that is slowly gaining ground even in the remote corners of the world. Despite the attempts to raise awareness, the industry appears to be growing. Women and young girls are especially defenseless and are at risk. To learn more about what fuels human trafficking, here are the five best books about human trafficking fiction everybody should read.

  1. Nighthawk: Chief Hazel by C. Edgar North

The third instalment of the Nighthawk series ‘Chief Hazel’ is about Hazel Branson taking over the family smuggling operation in the Pacific Northwest but ends up facing problems. When North Koreans abduct her daughter and force her to smuggle criminals into America, her husband, Joseph, returns and teams up with the FBI and CIA to prevent the North Korean plot from materializing.

This book about human trafficking is fiction, but ideas have been gathered and exaggerated from real-life experiences, characters, and events.

  1. Human Trafficking by Joyce Hart

Human Trafficking is a must-read book that delves deep into the lives of the trafficked people. Some are coerced to work as sex workers, while others are assured jobs and better lives. Eventually, those promises turn out to be fake, and a harsh reality takes over the victims. They are beaten to work and threatened with violence or worse. This book explains what the phrase ‘human trafficking’ really means and how we can help end it.

  1. The Berlin Turnpike by Raymond Bechard

‘The Berlin Turnpike’ is based on a trial in Connecticut, which was revised in 2016 to include more details. The United States vs. Dennis Paris was an eight-day trial that initially took place in 2007. The case pertained to human trafficking in America.

This book sheds light on how human trafficking has become a pressing issue. The crisis has moved from street corners into family homes. Raymond Bechard has covered even the most trivial details related to the case and sheds light on the corruption that hides these awful crimes.

  1. Runaway Girl by Carissa Phelps

Phelps is a survivor. She got abducted, ended up on the streets, worked for a pimp after being a runaway teen. Thanks to the helping hands of a few well-wishers, she was able to escape the world of prostitution. By the age of 30, she had obtained a law degree and an MBA from UCLA. Phelps believes it’s her responsibility to go back to the streets and help at-risk homeless youth seek a better life. Her story is powerful and truly inspirational. It proves that human kindness goes a long way. ‘Runaway Girl’ is rated one of the best books on human trafficking because it shows a survivor’s journey and how she went back to the world to help prevent the bad from happening to others.

  1. Little Princess by Connor Grennan

Little Princes is a non-fiction book in which Connor shares his travel experiences. He admits pretty honestly that a stop in Nepal was only to make his travel route easier. For a few weeks, Connor stayed in a country not many have the urge to visit, only to volunteer with orphans. However, over his time with them, he learned about the human trafficking crisis in Nepal, and he ended up making it his life’s mission to rescue children all over the war-torn country from their traffickers.

The disturbing truth is that human trafficking is a sad reality in every country. It might even exist in the city you live in as well. However, there are things you can do to help end it. Reading any or all of these books is only a start to opening our eyes to modern slavery.


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